Anonymously Report Your Concern About a Title IX Violation

WPI’s Title IX Office establishes guidelines, standards, and regulations to create a safe environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. WPI complies with federal regulations concerning discrimination including, but not limited to, sexual harassment, sexual assault, interpersonal violence, and stalking, and has adopted a Sexual Misconduct Title IX Policy.

The Title IX team is concerned about any incident of discrimination that violates the Sexual Misconduct Title IX policy. If you are concerned about an incident, you may report it to our Title IX coordinator, to one of WPI’s Title IX Deputy Coordinators, or you may make a report using this form.

NOTE: This is not a system to use for emergencies. In case of an emergency, regardless of time of day, where a student's well-being is in jeopardy, please contact Campus Police at +1-508-831-5433.

If you are concerned about a visitor, student, faculty, or staff member who has experienced a Title IX violation is the victim of a Title IX violation of the Sexual Misconduct Policy or has committed a Sexual Misconduct Policy Title IX violation, you may let us know. You may include your contact information if you wish, so we may contact you if we have additional questions. If you prefer not to share contact information, but just want to let us know about your concerns, you may do that here as well. You will not be contacted and will remain anonymous.

Please complete the form below using detailed examples of the incident that causes your concern. This form will be sent directly to the Title IX Coordinator. You may be contacted for additional information or clarification if needed and if you have provided contact information. If you do not wish to submit your concern(s) through this form, please contact John Stewart, Title IX Coordinator, directly at 508-831-6514 or at

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Thank you for sharing your concerns and alerting us to this issue. If you have provided your name, someone from the Title IX team will be contacting you soon.
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